Hahahaha YES!!! An apple a day….. will help our love lives in a big way! Today’s post is all about the benefits of apples and how this little fruit can help our sex lives. 1st up….LOVE LIFE.…Women that consume an apple per day….reportedly have better sexual function than those that don’t. According to the Archives… Keep Reading

The “Dirty Dozen” is back…..YAY!! So up today? The Blueberry. Of 60 fruits and vegetables analyzed in a Tufts University study…. the almighty blueberry had the highest antioxidant content of all…. Meaning…. the blueberry has the ability to reduce free radical damage in our bodies’ cells, which means it is one of the healthiest food choices to put in… Keep Reading

With zillions of juice bars popping up all over Sourthern California and across the country…. the juice craze is officially here! I have visited many across this beautiful city…. and have found my all time favorite to be KREATION Organic Cold Pressed Juicery…. at 9465 Charleville Blvd, Beverly Hills. This is the original… and I swear it’s… Keep Reading


  I have written about popcorn several times on fabulous365…. just because it’s gotten such a bad rap.  Bad rap NO more! Studies have come out proving that this movie time snack….. is just about one of the healthiest foods we can put in our bodies! Popcorn… serving per serving, has more antioxidants than fruit!  Pennsylvania… Keep Reading

  WOW!! We baked up some Immaculate Pretzels…. and some Immaculate Cinnamon Chip Scones yesterday…. to the delight of all of our taste buds! The process could not have been any easier… and any quicker! We took the pre-made strips…. twisted…. sprinkled with salt….and baked. VIOLA! Oven fresh and healthy pretzels in less than 20… Keep Reading

And I mean that! Lately I have had several very close calls in my SUV… with men, women and children walking right behind me as I am pulling out of a parking spot. Most people think that because the SUV’s sophisticated camera systems…. that they will be seen no matter where they walk around these… Keep Reading

Okay my Beautiful People… Let’s eat our way to glowing and beautiful skin! Eating peaches can actually help make our skin glow from the inside out. Other foods that can help us glow from the inside out? Any fruit or vegetable that is orange or red usually has beta-carotene…. which is beneficial in helping get… Keep Reading

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