This is a story that I love so much…. that this is the third time I am writing about it. A scent that makes us appear to look younger than we are? YES!!! The scent of grapefruit has been proven to make us appear 7 to 10 years younger than our actual age. By just… Keep Reading

Our photographer Ana Ochoa, and I had just finished shooting one afternoon two weeks ago. We decided we needed to eat… fast. I suggested we kill two birds with one stone and do a restaurant review on one of my favorite places to eat. I called Chef David of The Luxe Hotel and gave him… Keep Reading

We had the distinct honor of meeting with Elina Fuhrman…. founder/owner of SOUPELINA… last week in the Fabulous365 kitchen. Elina brought over all the ingredients to make two of her best selling soups…. and also brought several of her (just made) soups for us to try. With names like….. “Beet the Heat…” “I Yam Who… Keep Reading

Our Creative Director Niz…. came over with all the ingredients…. and proceeded to teach me in no time flat…. how to make these delicious, simple and easy spring rolls. The instant we finished making them… they were gone! So yummy and so healthy are they…. that these babies will become a staple in the Dunn… Keep Reading

The Pleasure of your Company is Requested at…. Le Mervetty! I stumbled upon this sweet shop one fine evening while strolling down Canon Drive…. and have been obsessed ever since! Le Mervetty is the newest and most unique dessert shop to open in Beverly Hills… in ages! Specializing in Meringue Cloud Cakes…. renown ballerina and… Keep Reading

  Gardening for stress… for happiness… for peace.. for calm…. for love and joy!  Yes My Beautiful Peeps…. Gardening has many benefits!! Who knew right? All we need to do is get out there and start digging… with our bare hands.  Soil touching our bare hands… is one of the best ways to ground and… Keep Reading


Let’s do a little update on just exactly what “The Dirty Dozen” is. The Dirty Dozen is 12 fruits and vegetables that are so loaded with pesticides… the the EWG (Environmental Working Group) had declared these 12 foods… foods that should never grace our lips… unless they are ORGANIC. And we mean that!  Next up… Keep Reading

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