About a month ago I wrote about the BelleCore Body Buffer…. AMAZING product! It’s helping smooth my legs my stimulating collagen production by boosting my blood flow. Along with the buffer comes an amazing product…. Called Belle Apres Body Contouring Creme. Made by BelleCore to use after buffing…..
It’s a total body moisturizer for men and women with firming and toning action…. Loaded with oils of grape seed, safflower and almond…. this unique cream has made it into my list of top 10 of products I will never be without! Enriched with Vitamin E and B3, extracts of ginko biloba, white and red teas… This cream is the BOMB with a capital B!! You can find it at Neiman Marcus in the cosmetics department….. Or go into the Amazon site and find it there with the BellCore Body Buffer.

One out of ten…….. I give this product a 15!!!