I have been seeing this dress for months…. All over the internet… in magazines and on celebrities. I personally think this could be the absolute perfect Holiday Party Dress. The Color: Teal… The Neckline: Sweetheart… The Fabric: Velvet… The Slit: Perfect side placement… The Bodice: Hugs in all the right places, yet has the perfect… Keep Reading


Dolce and Gabbana has ventured into the world of cosmetics…. and hit a home run with their new Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation. This luxurious light and dewy finish foundation is illuminated with particles of light reflecting mica and translucent pigments helping it instantly assimilate to the skin. The lightweight formula goes on sheer and can be built up depending… Keep Reading

Laura Dunn Luminous Foundation Dolce and Gabbana fabulous 365 blogger

Once again this edition of Pennies & Posh brings us to Anat B. Our go to store for all things ridiculously inexpensive… yet right on point. Anat does all the buying for the stores herself…. and let me tell you, this woman has the most amazing trend eye! She actually can pick a trend before… Keep Reading

The Trench Coat by Laura Dunn for Fabulous 365

Last week we brought you the SPIRIT Hat….. and this week we are bringing you…. the SPIRIT Sweater! To know me is to know that I absolutely adore any clothing item that has ears… or animal heads! Take an average cardigan…. add a lil hood and face…. and Voila! Spirit!! I found this adorable sweater at my… Keep Reading

YAY!! It’s official!!! The Holiday Party Season is here! With so many parties…. and so many cocktail choices….. let’s drink safe and smart this holiday season. Champagne…. festive, sexy and usually the number one hostess cocktail choice for holiday parties. But is it the best drink for us? No. Champagne contains acetaldehyde…. a by product of the fermentation… Keep Reading

I was on a recognizance mission with my beautiful friend Dawn Ann Billings…. to check out her new home in Red Lodge, Montana. While in town…. we spied a coyote head purse. A real live coyote head was taken and made into a purse! At first I was absolutely horrified…. Until I realized I had brought my Beverly Hills… Keep Reading

  My Most Beautiful Peeps! We here at WWW.FABULOUS365.COM are wishing you a day filled with love, joy and happiness! Remember… this day is all about gratitude and being with your loved ones. There is nothing greater than the love of your family…. let’s all give thanks for our families…. our blood families or the… Keep Reading


    We have 5 spices here that are usually used in Thanksgiving cooking. Little did I know that these 5 have great benefits….. so it would do all of our bodies good to make sure we go heavy on the spices this coming Thursday. Let’s find out exactly what those benefits are….. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!!


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