Not just your mama’s Beatles song. Truth…. Karma catches up with you, no matter who, what or where you are in life. You get what you give in life. Period, end of story.
The Law of Karma is very simple….. It’s been known for many thousands of years. “What ever you do….. will be done to you” Straight forward, simple right? You would think….. If you knock your head against a wall… You will damage your head. Same principal applies with Karma. Whatever you do in life, is what you attract back. Once we become aware of how, what, where and why… Meaning once become aware of how are actions will ALWAYS come back to haunt us…. It will help us strive for a more loving and peaceful life.
Start today with small changes…. 2012 the year of Love, Peace and Honor… Let’s do it together. Come from your heart when dealing with others and watch as changes unfold in our lives.

Take the Y out of Your and you have Our…..