It’s hip to be beet! The vegetable of champions!

And I’m not talking about the Beets from Dre… I’m talkin about the veggie that’s getting to the top of the menu! Beets are becoming the cool kid in town and for some really good reasons. Not only are beets a great boost to our physical well being and a wonderful source of iron, they have been shown to be an immunity booster and guard against cancer. Beets are one of those overlooked vegetables that once you realize all it beholds, you will cultivate a new appreciation and yes, maybe even love for them!
Beets protect against heart disease, colon cancer (they are of great assistance in pooing)…. gall bladder and liver strengthener… they contain folic acid, vitamins A, C and niacin, magnesium, loads of iron and phosphorus …. Zero trans fat and zero saturated fat. Betacyanin, the pigment that gives beets their red color is what is responsible for fighting cancer.
Next time you see beets at the top of the menu…. go ahead and order…. You will be doing your body a great service!!