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11 Designers with their renditions of “The Fire Dress”… With the premiere last night… and the movie opening in 9 days….. The Hunger Games mania has officially started!! Let The Games begin!


Joyce Azria—creative director of BCBGeneration and daughter of Max and Lubov Azria—sketched an A-line tangerine dress paired with black stockings for the trilogy’s protagonist. It is set ablaze, just as the book described.


Christian Cota sketched a two-tone unitard for Katniss Everdeen, offset by shiny black knee high boots and a fiery hooded cape.


Christian Siriano stayed true to the author’s vision with his sketch, and integrated his own elements as well. “I wanted to keep it an accurate portrayal of the book and keep it classic to the storyline but add a few exciting touches,” explains Siriano, “like a stiletto boot and windblown hair with multi-flame colors instead of a fiery headpiece.”


“The cape will appear like fire running through the forest,” Charlotte Ronson says of her sketch, which features a flame-colored cape draped over the black unitard. She even added a spot for Katniss’s stash of arrows—something that would definitely come in handy in the Games arena.


Nicole Miller outlined both the cape and unitard for Katniss. She describes the cape as a nylon “parachute” and tops it off with a headdress made with leather and feathers attached to wire. Underneath, she created a “zip-front black unitard with leather and metal stud trim.” Katniss’s a gorgeous long braid provides an expert finishing touch.


I like a fiery look that can spark the courage to start a rebellion, says Rachel Roy of her design for Katniss. We love how the designer added the heroine’s signature Mockingjay symbol to the knee-high black boots.


Tadashi Shoji gave Katniss’s fire dress a red-carpet twist, conceptualizing the look as a one-shoulder gown with shades of yellow, red and orange.


Katniss is such a strong and rebellious female character,? says Tibi designer Amy Smilovic. This look represents those aspects of her personality with statement shoes and flaming colors. Contrarily, we see her empathy and loyalty in the dress’s simple and feminine silhouette. I use the same ideas of contrast when I design for Tibi—feminine with masculine or structure with movement. Opposites make for interesting clothing and, similarly, a dynamic character.


“I think a short kaftan color-blocked with pops of color similar to our Spring 2012 runway collection would be perfect for Katniss,”Tommy Hilfiger said of his design, which incorporates shades of yellow, orange, and pale red. “It is both striking and powerful.”


“Katniss is the Girl on Fire and we picture her engulfed in satin flames while she is paraded in front of the Capitol,” explain designers Phillipe and David Blond. And they have some experience with stage outfits—the duo have created performance looks for Katy Perry, Rihanna, Fergie, and beyond. They did add their own touch, however: “Of course we had to add some crystals to her black bodysuit in typical Blonds fashion!”


Erin Fetherston gave Katniss’s look her signature feminine spin by creating a fringed cape. The hue draws floral inspiration from the katniss flower described in the book in both the purple undertones of the color and the style of her headband.