By XpresSpa…..

Between the slopes of Utah and the planes of Delta, my skin is taking a serious beating! I am talking so dry… it feels like sand paper. I am guzzling gallons of water, taking teaspoons of oils on a daily basis and slathering on my richest moisturizers…. and still… my skin is looking like crepe paper! What’s a dry skinned (to the point of pain) girl to do?? Hydrogel! You heard me…. Hydrogel Facial Sheet Mask…. By XpresSpa (hahaha the spas in the airports).
Infused with a serum of active ingredients like Collagen, Ginseng Extract and Vitamin E, this mask is helping to  firm and moisturize my heinously dry skin! This innovative gel mask allows ingredients to penetrate deeply into my skin for maximum results! Dry skin? You gotta give this one a try…. 20 minutes to moisture!!