I have found NIRVANA….. in the form of Kreation Organic Juicery. This beautiful little juicery and smoothie bar opened in Beverly Hills a few months back… with the flagship store residing in Santa Monica. This juice bar is by far the best I have ever found… EVER! Cold fresh pressed daily….So fresh you you feel alive after your first bottle….

I started a cleanse last week…. They delivered to my doorstep (a small delivery fee) in GLASS JARS (OMG) the freshest, coldest, best tasting juice to ever grace my lips. I have juice fasted many times before…. But none can compare to the experience of “Kreation Juice!” For those in Los Angeles… Congratulations, you now have the real thing…. For those residing in other parts of the world… I am so sorry! Hopefully a Kreation will open in your home town soon!