Zinc is a trace mineral which is essential because we can’t make it ourselves. If we don’t eat enough, deficiency signs and symptoms appear. Shockingly, studies have revealed that about 75% of the population in Western nations have sub-optimal zinc intakes. The average intake is about 8-10 mg a day whereas the optimal amount is 15-50 mg zinc a day, depending on the amount of zinc you are losing every day, through your stool, urine and sweat; a quantity which varies from person to person. For example drinking coffee and alcohol, as well as smoking are all activities which increase excretion of zinc, along with excessive exercise and stress.

First up… I would like to point out that a Zinc deficiency can create havoc on your sex life. Yes! No Zinc… no sex. A Zinc deficiency will dampen our ability to produce testosterone by up to 62%. Taking 25mg a day can help normalize our testosterone levels within a three month period.

Benefit 1: It helps Build and Repair our Cells and Tissues

Benefit 2: Zinc helps maintain strong healthy bones

Benefit 3: New cell growth and helps keep skin looking healthy

Benefit 4: Keeps hair shiny and nail strong

Benefit 5: Zinc keeps the cell layers internal surfaces in good condition

Benefit 6: Builds immune cells to protect us from disease

Benefit 7: Essential for fertility in both men and women

Benefit 8: Get’s the nasty chemicals out! Zinc is amazing at detoxing the body

Benefit 9: Digestion…. Helps digest our food

Benefit 10: Helps us feels energetic and vibrant

The list goes on…. I’m sure I had you at sex!!