Dry flaky skin got you down?? Coming out of winter and rolling into Spring… I am noticing some seriously dry, flaky and not too pretty skin under the bondage of my winter rags. Last night I used Almond Oil on my legs…. to wake up with some seriously moisturized and supple skin….

Almond Oil is 68% oleic acid…. an anti-inflammatory fat that soaks quickly into our skin cells helping to shut down redness, pain and itching on severely dehydrated skin. It speeds up healing time on rashes and flakes and stimulates the formation of healthy new skin cells. Ancient Chinese and ayurvedic¬†practitioners¬†relied on almond oil to help clear up many skin woes….. Why shouldn’t we? Get your almond oil on tonight and wake up with beautiful skin!!

Almond oil can be found in most health food markets.