With bikini season here…. yikes…. It’s time to get our bodies on! If you are ballooning out by night and look better in the mornings…. you can bet your sweet bippy that it’s trapped air. Bloating is not fun…. But here are a few tips to get the bloat out…..

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE…. Carbonated sodas! Gum! Crisp Apples (they are 23% gas by weight) Air filled foods… Whipped cream, puffed cereal and mousses.

FLUSH WATER WEIGHT BY WALKING…. Two hours weekly will reduce bloating for 80% of the population. Exercise improves blood vessel tone so fluid can’t leak into tissue.

CHAMOMILE AND CUCUMBER….. Both are natural diuretics, one cup of cucumber daily.. along with two cups of chamomile tea a day should flush 6 pounds of water in two weeks!

SOAK FOR 20…. Minutes in a hot bath. Your kidneys will be stimulated to release excess water for two hours after soaking.

Like we said yesterday…. DRINK MORE TO FLUSH MORE! Drinking 48oz to 64oz daily will help reduce bloating. When we dehydrate our bodies over compensate by producing a hormone that reduces the amount we urinate….. So we retain more fluids. DRINK WATER!!