It was such a beautiful day yesterday and with the wind blowing… I got a little scorched! Not realizing just how strong the sun was is a big summer time rookie mistake. Today my body is diverting electrolytes away from my major organs and to my injured skin…. making me sluggish. What’s a fatigued sunburned girl to do??
VINEGAR!! Vinegars acetic acid soothes and moisturizes sunburned skin. It will help prevent blistering¬†and peeling. I am mixing one part vinegar with two parts water… Soaking a washcloth in the mixture and leaving on my skin for 10 minutes.
After my soaks…. I will finish up the job by easing my sunburn pain with pine bark pycnogenol moisturizing cream. Soothing sunburned skin while lessening pain and swelling…. Derm-e Care Pycnogenol Cream works wonders on scorched skin! Next time you make the rookie mistake reach for the vinegar and pycnogenol!!

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