A couple of months ago I had an acid peel on my face that went well…. Until the doctor dripped the acid across my cheek. It severely burned my cheek and left a brown stripe from my nose all the way to my ear. I needed to lighten the stripe…. but my skin was still so sensitive that I feared a bleaching cream would make it worse. “Skin Lighten”…. to the rescue. A very gentle natural fade cream that is an all natural blend of vitamins and herbs. It helps lighten and even out the complexion while inhibiting the production of melanin.
After two days and nights….. SUCCESS! It has faded by 60%! I have never in my life used a product that worked so quickly… without irritation! Works all sunspots, freckles, liver spots and any other type of brown spot you want removed!!! No bleach or harsh hydroquinone! One out of ten… I give this cream a twenty!! YAY!