So… last week I am walking through the airport in Salt Lake City…. I spy a man… in what could have been one of the cutest pairs of white pants I have ever seen…. White pants with the perfect paint splashes adorning. He tops off his ensemble with a beautifully tailored tuxedo jacket and baseball cap…. WHO is this man? I must find out!
As it turns out… it’s Tyler Ramsey…. The artist and the man behind the hand painted TOMs Shoes. His beautiful bride Jacquie, was sporting a pair of the silver sequined hand painted Toms… and I just about fainted…. Smashingly fabulous!! This man, who has never touched a brush to canvas (he paints solely with his hands and fingers) creates some of the most beautiful shoes in the TOMs collection. Check out his art… www.ramseyart.com and for heavens sake get yourself a pair of the hand painted TOMs….. FABULOUS!!!