With the days getting shorter…. and the nights getting longer….. Our bodies tend to slow down. The lack of sunlight tends to lead to a natural reduction in physical activity, which in turn… slows down our metabolisms and dampens our brain’s production of those feel good chemicals… dopamine and serotonin. Meaning…. this is the time of year where depression and weight gain go hand in hand. How do we reduce these symptoms of the calendar change? Avocados….

According to researchers at The Georgetown University School of Medicine, all it takes is a half of avocado enjoyed daily to help thwart these ugly symptoms and regain our happiness and svelte figures. By eating a half of an avocado on a daily basis we will help reduce blue moods by 31% and help us shed up to 4 pounds monthly. It’s the OMEGA 9 fats that help stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin, as well as prompting our liver cells to burn fat for energy.
Avocado+Half Daily=Skinny&Happy