Clinical trials have proven… that the copper infused Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase will help promote the skin-firming proteins that will allow us wake up with… smoother, more even skin tone, healthy glow and younger and fresher looking skin. The patented technology in the Cupron pillow has shown the reduction of wrinkles is just a nights sleep away. Why would we not want to sleep on something that could help us look younger??? I just ordered two…

Forty Eight Dollars



The latest independent clinical trial of the Cupron pillowcase used cutting edge imaging equipment to confirm that the Cupron fabric reduced the appearance of wrinkles by ~10%. The double-blind study tested 61 individuals, with 30 receiving the copper-infused pillowcase and 31 receiving a placebo. Skin conditions of the subjects were evaluated before treatment and at four and eight weeks of everyday use. Statistically significant improvement in the skin was seen after four weeks among those who used the Cupron pillowcases compared to those who did not. Continued improvement was noted after eight weeks.