S*T*R*E*S*S…. my life in a nutshell. I woke up this morning to a laundry list of must do’s… the list goes on and on. But at the moment I am feeling rather calm, cool and collected. My secret weapon?¬†LAVENDER. I have written about the many benefits of lavender… especially.. helping to induce sleep. But now we can use it as an anti-anxiety aide. In a brand spankin new study out of Japan…. it was found that this amazing herb’s impact on the nervous system is quite profound. So profound that even in the high stress environment of an intensive care unit… this magical plant worked like a champion to help relieve anxiety. Upon waking this morning… I grabbed a bag of lavender… shoved my face right in there and took 5 huge breathes…. Result? Serene….

My nightstand this morning