and ends with an e. HUMBLE…. It’s something we do not see a lot of here in Los Angeles. Everyone is someone… even if they have never done a thing to earn that ego. Entitlement is at an all time high globally…. but let me tell you… there are some seriously great benefits to a little Humble Pie….

Author Lauren Vork gives us 3 reasons to get our humble on….


Humility Offers Social Benefits

Having the ability to be humble comes with strong social benefits. Researchers at the University of Maine recently studied how humble people perform in social groups and how they’re perceived by others. What they discovered, as published in the “Journal Of Positive Psychology,” is that humble people are more effective leaders and are valued in social settings due to their tendency to behave more generously, selflessly and altruistically.

Humility Is Self-Awareness

Humility is often misunderstood and thought of as having a low opinion of one’s abilities and worth, but psychologists and theologians alike suggest a different definition. “Humble people are not self-deprecating,” says psychologist Christ Peters in an article for Psychology Today, “but rather accurate in how they regard and present themselves.” Cultivating this sort of honest accuracy in your self-assessment will help you to know where your talents and limits truly lie, saving you from embarrassment in some situations while ensuring greater success in others. Meanwhile, you will have an honest and accurate sense of which areas you truly need to improve.

Humility Promotes Learning and Growth

Humility facilitates effective learning by keeping you open to new possibilities. In the classic Zen parable, a master demonstrates the dangers of arrogance to a student using the image of a cup that’s already full of tea and cannot have more poured in. Likewise, students in a classroom or people learning to live better lives cannot be “empty,” or open to new experiences if they lack humility and believe they already know everything they need to.

Food for thought…..