The Munchkin Blanket

blanket wore by laura dunn

munchin swaddle laura dunn fabulous365
munchkin swaddle angel blankets reviewLaura Dunn munchkin blanketswaddle munchkin laura dunn fabulous365

This stylish and luxurious bamboo swaddle blanket with a double layer… is just about the most versatile blanket on the planet! The corner loops attach to the stroller and the double layer middle provides extra warmth for baby without over heating. Now here is where it get’s really fun!!! We loved the beautiful design so much…. we just had to find other ways of using this swaddle. We found several ways to wear this amazing little blanket… as a pashmina, a scarf and not shown…. a bathing suit wrap. When we said versatile we meant it! We love you Munchkin… you have out done yourself with this one!!

Munchkin Swaddle Blanket… for baby… and mom too!


Thirty Nine Dollars