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There are 12 foods that we should NEVER eat…. unless they are ORGANIC. They are called… The Dirty dozen! The residue pesticides that reside in and on the “Dirty” are enough to say… “If it ain’t organic… I ain’t buying… nor will I eat it!” The levels are so high that we personally here at Fabulous365 think that the harm they bring… outweighs the benefits of eating these fruits and vegetables. Every week we will bring you a new “Dirty Dozen” perpetrator. Up this week?…

The Strawberries organic

Strawberries are always on the list due to the fungus that lives on a strawberry. Around 60 different pesticides have been found in strawberries that are sold in the markets. The STRAWBERRY is an ORGANIC MUST!! Please don’t even consider buying this fruit unless organic is stamped across the packaging!

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