Let’s start with the…. and WHAT? As you can see from the photographs… there is not one… but 7 food items in my basket. The reason? Well one of these 7 is a total “DIRTY DOZEN.” And the rest are… ways of boosting our inner SPF. What you ask? This I tell…..
There are 7 foods that will help us boost our inner SPF. These seven foods will help protect our skin from the sun… and allow us longer time in the sun without burning or even helping skin heal after exposure! Now we are by NO means saying to go without SUNSCREEN…. But we are saying your skin will be protected longer and these seven will actually make our skin stronger! Read on My Most Beautiful Peeps……
Watermelon…. Two cups daily will protect us by 26% more burn time in sun
Carrots…. Two cups daily slashes burn time by 29%!
Chocolate... Now you have MY attention… 20 grams is all it takes of dark chocolate to double the amount of burn time… That’s 50%!!
Peppers….. peppers will help us bounce back quicker from sunburn by speeding up the cellular repair due to the large content of vitamin C. 
Green Tea…. The catechins in the tea will boost skins resistance to damage… add in some lemon… now we are talking an 80% boost in the absorption of the catechins!
Walnuts… These nuts will cause us to be protected by 50% more… by eating just half a cup daily. And the Omega 3s we will be consuming with reduce inflammation in our bodies like no bodies business!
Pomegranate… 25% protection by consuming 3/4 of a cup daily… of the delicious red juice of this magical fruit!
There you go!! SPF increasing foods to add to our diets daily!! Now on to the DREADED…. Dirty Dozen! This one is a shocker… 
HOT PEPPERS! Yes My Beautiful Peeps… The hot pepper is a serious non organic TOXIC perpetrator! USDA testing of 739 samples of hot peppers found residues of 3 highly toxic insecticides! 3!!  The concentration levels of acephate, oxamyl and chlorpyrifos were so high that is is a cause of serious concern to the USDA. These bad boys are so toxic that they have been banned from use on all fruits and vegetables…. except hot peppers. Go figure. Go ORGANIC… or Bust!!