My mother was being treated for stage 4 ovarian cancer 14 years ago at UCLA Medical Center. It was the toughest thing a human being could go through… a cruel and horrific disease. But once a week she would forget that she was dying and all her pain faded away…. the dogs were there…. time stood still. UCLA would once a week, bring in service dogs to interact with patients… It was as if a ray of sunshine walked through the door. The dogs would get on the bed and give unconditional love. That was all my mother needed that day…. it was by far the most effective and best therapy in the world.

I have two french bulldogs named Bob and Pearl…  that make my home a better place to live. Bob is the man of the house… always on the lookout, while Pearl relaxes and bathes everyone with her famous kisses. My world is so much brighter and happier  with them in it. Pets can help us live a longer, healthier and happier life. The benefits are great and many….. 



 Web MD has a full list of 27 benefits & here are just a few!…




Pets… it’s what’s for health… a longer and happier life!! 
    Please tell us your favorite pet story….. We want to know!