YAY!! I can finally write about this black jumpsuit by Rag & Bone!! I shot these photos two months ago for Genlux magazine…. and I wanted to wait for my page to come out (last Friday) before posting them… so here we go!  A year and a half ago I was at an event where I was photographed in a very expensive black jumpsuit… the photos were so unflattering that I vowed to never allow a jumpsuit to grace my body again… until I saw this one. The fit of this Rag & Bone is so superb, so flattering and so sexy I just had to give the jumpsuit another chance! I am so glad I did…. the two times I have worn this jumpsuit out, I was stopped maybe 10 times by women wanting to know who the designer was.


We paired the jumpsuit… with a my all time favorite Cosabella bodysuit… that has perfectly placed side mesh panels… and a deep vee. A Prada statement necklace, an 18.00 cotton shrug that was bought off amazon (mark my words… the shrug will be a huge hit for fall 2014!) and a pair of black suede Prada pumps complete our little ensemble…. simple, elegant and chic.

laura-dunn-header-jumpsuit-4 laura-dunn-header-jumpsuit-5