We have 5 of our top summer trends rolled all into one look. Let’s start with the summer blouse…. our pink summer blouse is a light weight silk… that is easy to wear with skirts, shorts or jeans, overalls, you name it… simple, easy breezy. Great choice for dressing up or down. Onto… two of our favs mixed into one… the crochet pencil skirt. As you know… crochet is so right this minute… add in the pencil part… and we now have a fabulously tailored, boho chic look.

 Rolling on…  The statement Lanvin Eagle necklace. This necklace debuted 3 years ago to such a rockstar reception that Lanvin has added it to every collection since. There are several generations of this magnificent beast and it just keeps getting better and better. Barneys New York actually had it on sale… I would run… not walk to get this one on sale! Last but not least… our Chloe aviators. The aviator is a complete must for summer. The beauty of the aviator is the fact that you can buy cheap and no one will ever be the wiser… Go Aviator or go home! There you go my most Beautiful Beauties… 5 summer trends rolled into one look all for your viewing pleasure…