Jean shorts… It’s another thing to add to our summer 2014 trend list! Now the question is…. can I wear them? Yes you can… no matter what your age… if you wear the proper length. I am showing them both ways. I see young girls around Los Angeles with some  pretty short shorts…. No I can’t wear them. Would I like to? YES!! But it’s not too age appropriate for me. But if you have the legs… and you are not my age…. Go for it!


What’s the alternative? The longer jean short. I took a pair of my ripped up boyfriends (a tighter pair) and cut them just at the knee… then I cuffed just above the knee… for the not in their 20s jean shorts. Anyone can wear the jean short… Just know what length to wear for your age. 

We are wearing our jean shorts with a simple white tee, a pair of Michael Kors gladiators from 2013…. and a little Louis Vuitton, Stephen Sprouse scarf.