Gardening for stress… for happiness… for peace.. for calm…. for love and joy!  Yes My Beautiful Peeps…. Gardening has many benefits!! Who knew right? All we need to do is get out there and start digging… with our bare hands. 
Soil touching our bare hands… is one of the best ways to ground and center ourselves. The sensory experience of earth on skin…. allows us to connect to our primal state. As we absorb minerals and microbes when gardening with bare hands… we help build our immune systems… thus helping prevent disease. 
Being in the sun and the fresh air helps reduce stress… and the physical activity will help us lose weight… which makes this a great activity for new moms who want to drop that baby weight and de-stress. 


In a study done at Texas A&M it was found that gardeners had a better “Zest” for life compared to the non-gardeners. 
Gardening also helps raise serotonin levels (that feel good hormone in our brains) enough so that in a study conducted…. frequent gardeners we able to reduce antidepressants. 



There you go…. reasons to get out there and garden today!! Don’t forget… ditch the gloves for a better immune system!