The Pleasure of your Company is Requested at…. Le Mervetty! I stumbled upon this sweet shop one fine evening while strolling down Canon Drive…. and have been obsessed ever since! Le Mervetty is the newest and most unique dessert shop to open in Beverly Hills… in ages! Specializing in Meringue Cloud Cakes…. renown ballerina and meringue muse, Anna Pavlova and pastry chef Etty Benhamou have created a heavenly little oasis… Parisian style. Serving 6 or 7 different flavors of cloud cakes on any given day… with tasty flavors such as… The Nutella, The Praline, The Coffee…the list goes on… but it’s The Fresh Strawberry and whipped cream that have stolen my heart!!


We just had to pay homage to Le Mervetty’s beautiful interior by dressing for the occasion!
Our Louis Vuitton sequin knit polo dress (From Laura’s Closet) looked like it was made for dining on meringues at Le Mervetty. We kept it simple by pairing with a vintage pair of Christian Dior Pumps from ages ago. These pumps are one of our go to “classics” that have stood up to the the test of time. Our black leather and large gem Mui Mui bracelet… finishes off our Le Mervetty outfit!