Please pass the Color Wow…. Now!! Yes…. finally a root cover system that is so easy to use and so very effective. This product has become my “go to staple” for covering my grown out grays! My hair grows so fast that I must get my base color done every two weeks. I could actually go every week… that’s how fast my roots grow! It has been amazingly helpful and convenient to have a 5 minute system that covers quickly, efficiently and mess free!
To use Color Wow Root Cover…. Just take the supplied brush, swipe across powder and apply to grown out roots. Easy, breezy beautiful coverage! My only choice before was a mascara type wand. I would get the color all over my blondes and before I knew it I had color all over my hands and hair. Mess no more! Color WOW Root Cover has changed my life, covered my gray and made me one happy girl!! YAY!!


P.S…. Color WOW will not budge until you say so! It stays until it is shampooed out….