Our Creative Director Niz…. came over with all the ingredients…. and proceeded to teach me in no time flat…. how to make these delicious, simple and easy spring rolls. The instant we finished making them… they were gone! So yummy and so healthy are they…. that these babies will become a staple in the Dunn Family home… and should be in your home also! Thanks for the FABULOUS recipe Niz!! And….. YUMBO!! 





1. Put hot water in a plate. You will use this to soften the rice paper.

2. Dunk the rice paper into the plate for about 15 seconds or until it softens.

3. Place your sheet of rice paper on a dry & flat surface or plate.

4. Arrange vegetables and noodles at the bottom of rice paper. Layer in any order you would like!

5. Now fold the rice paper over, starting from the edge that your ingredients are placed. Keep rolling… just as you would an egg roll! Optional* Half way through rolling the paper, you can stop to fold in one side of the paper for a closed edge and continue to roll.

6. Dip into sauce and enjoy a light, fresh & healthy chew!