Creative Director, Niz and I were walking through Rite Aid a couple of weeks ago when we noticed that there were several make-up artists doing make overs. One caught our eye…. and we just had to investigate. He was obviously leader of the pack… Yes It was…. Eddie Funkhouser, creator of the Eddie Funkhouser Color Cosmetics line. We sat and watched and were incredibly impressed with this new line to hit Rite Aid. An upscale… usually reserved for the department stores kind of cosmetics line…. not one you would find in a drug store. But there we were with Eddie… His cosmetics line… And in Rite Aid! Rite Aid has gone uptown and bringing Eddie along for the ride. We had the chance to have Eddie come over to Fabulous365 headquarters (AKA: Laura’s House) and tell us all about the line, the collaboration and the two products in the line no woman should be without. We kept it short and sweet… and then of course we asked Eddie do my make-up.  



Laura: Eddie… How did your cosmetics line “Eddie Funkhouser Color Cosmetics” end up in Rite Aid?
Eddie:… Rite Aid is launching major flagship “upscale” stores across the country and we were approached and asked to come in as the high end cosmetics line. Of course we said yes… and it’s been a major success!
Laura: What are your two favorite products in the line that every woman should have?
Eddie: Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara is just about as fabulous as it gets. We have an award winning technology that allows you to turn the bottom the mascara wand to change the tip. Changing that tip will give you a light to heavy coverage. It’s a brilliant technology and an amazing application. The mascara itself is one of the best on the market.
Laura: Second product?
Eddie: The Eddie Funkhouser LuxLight Hydrating Primer is a luminous hydrating primer that leaves skin with a dewy radiance. We are trying to teach women the importance of primer under make up. Apply the primer to those areas where more light is desired….Center of forehead, bridge of nose, chin… and just below eyes and cheek bones. By applying the primer to your face, neck and chest prior to your foundation application… it will keep you hydrated and you’ll be able to use less foundation and get the same great coverage. Less is more. 
Congratulations to Eddie Funkhouser and Rite Aid…. for this amazing collaboration!