Keys…. I have way too many! When people see my key chain they always ask why I have so many keys… Answer: Because I use them…. all of them daily or near daily. When I go to open my front door… NIGHTMARE! It can take me ages to get into the door fumbling and trying keys before I can get in. Fumble no more!! I took the pain out and added the glitter in! I glittered my keys! YAY!! Let’s get started on glittering your world! It couldn’t be easier!!


1. You will need: Glitter Flakes… our Martha Stewart powder glitter seen here is so beautiful… but just didn’t get the job done. We needed industrial glitter… and guess who had it in their car? Yes… Our creative director Niz did! Regular standard glitter please…
2. Craft Glue or Mod Podge (shiny not matte).
 3. And a artist paint brush… or an old make-up brush…. our team make-up artist Tanya from Page Beauty lent us one of hers.
The fabulously easy steps go as followed…


 To keep the glitter from flaking… after both sides are dry… cover glitter with your Mod Podge or craft glue to seal in glitter. Any left over glitter will go right back into glitter container… 


  Easy…. Breezy…. Beautiful Glitter Keys!!