Dr. Harold Lancer…. known in Los Angeles as “The Guru of Skin.” So of course it is natural for him to have a comprehensive skin care line… and  one of the secret weapons in that line? The MicroCurrent Power Boost…. A sleek and beautifully designed device… developed to win the war on aging for both our men and women. What it does…
LANCER™’s Microcurrent Power Boost is designed to optimize the skin’s electrical potential while gently massaging your facial muscles and stimulating the deep layers of the skin where collagen and new skin cells are produced. It works through a pure germanium head that plugs into its electrical field which then harmonizes the skin’s own electrical potential. Pure gold plating on the wand provides a neutral platform, while precise massaging action activates the skin and underlying facial muscles to temporarily improve circulation.


I could tell a difference after my first use. My skin felt and looked plumper… and had a more hydrated appearance. Whenever I use this little wand before our photos shoots… Both Ana (our house photographer) and Tanya (our resident make-up artist) compliment me on my skin. I give the Lancer MicroCurrent Power Boost… two thumbs up and highly recommend it for use on skin that could use a boost!


P.S…. Please use this device along with your anti-aging skin care regime. Please BE ADVISED that it is a boost… and not a miracle. The results will be subtle and not over the top miraculous. Continued use is advised…

SIDE NOTE: Starting tomorrow we will be taking Saturdays off. We will return this coming Sunday with a brand new feature called…. “Spiritual Sunday.” It is our hope to bring you a little “food for the soul” and anything else that can help bring awareness to our spiritual lives.