In our new weekly series…. Art and Fashion…. we will be featuring cutting edge designers… while showcasing an amazing artist. Two of my all-time favorite things to collect… and curate…. Art and Fashion. Fashion is such a huge part of my life along with art… both are meant to titillate the senses and raise feelings… good or bad. This week we are hoping to titillate you with some good feelings… starting with street artist… 2WENTY and fashion designer… Robert Rodriguez. 


2wenty has taken his “Facebook Social Cigarettes” all over the world. It’s such a controversial piece and one of my all time favorites. The one we photographed for this first of our series… resides at the Munchkin Corporate Headquarters in Van Nuys, California.… in the garden courtyard… where displayed is…. one of the most comprehensive street art collections in Los Angeles. We were honored to shoot there last week…. and so honored to start with the talented 2wenty.


2wenty hit the street art scene with his provocative and iconic ‘Facebook Social Cigarettes’ street art postings as well as boxes and sticker packs.  His imagery has gained national attention in the art world and the media.
2wenty’s ‘Facebook Social Cigarettes’ continues to be a smash sensation. Everyone seems to identify with the addictive nature of social networks, and major mainstream networks have picked up on the image, garnering 2wenty impressive press, including an interview with Forbes


This Robert Rodriguez crop top and skirt are made of a silken neoprene… and have just landed in the stores for fall/winter 2014. We think this sexy and stunningly well fitted outfit will be by far… the most sought after two pieces in the entire collection. We paired our Robert Rodriguez with a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti platform heels (one of most comfortable pair of pumps I own… more on these later) and kept it simple with a few diamond bracelets…. and my Harry Winston rubber and diamond watch.


Thank you for joining us today. We are beyond excited to continue this exciting series next week…. please stay tuned….