laura-dunn-grapefruit-4 This is a story that I love so much…. that this is the third time I am writing about it. A scent that makes us appear to look younger than we are? YES!!! The scent of grapefruit has been proven to make us appear 7 to 10 years younger than our actual age. By just dabbing on a few drops of Essential Oil of Grapefruit, we can actually be perceived to be younger than we are. Those brilliant scientists at The Smell and Taste and Treatment Foundation in Chicago did this research in 2005 and it’s a tip that stands up to the test of time.


From the 2010 Archives:

In June of 2005 the AP published a story about how The Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago conducted a study to determine what makes a woman smell young. The scents of Lavender, banana, broccoli (what were they thinking on that one?) and spearmint were sprayed on several mid-age women, but not one of those scents made any difference to the men that they had brought in for the study. Then came the almighty grapefruit…… To everyone’s surprise the scent of grapefruit on the women made them appear 6 to 10 years younger than their actual age! The article went on to say “that the scent of grapefruit remarkably changed men’s perception.” 6 to 10 years……. AMAZING!


 My all time favorite Essential Oil of Grapefruit is “Now.” This oil is as close to the real scent of grapefruit as I have smelled.

Please give this one a try… get a bottle of the Essence of Pink Grapefruit, dab and go… see if you get more attention than before… I did and think you may be surprised also.  Do comment and let us know if this worked for you!