By walking into a room wearing red….  you will have an unfair advantage over anyone in that room. RED is a royal color for good reason and is a serious player in the color spectrum. Lets start with SEX…

Red is a sign of power and passion and recent studies show that red isn’t just for ladies. Women from the United States, Germany and China found men more attractive and desirable when the men were in red. Wearing red signals both sexes that the person wearing red is… ready, willing and able. It shows that they are passionate and people will perceive the wearer as a more alluring and romantic partner. A red dress and a red power tie are the perfect things to wear on a first date.


Red in business….. Red is the power color for women (and men) in the boardroom. It conveys strength, boldness, determination, and courage. Red lipstick will give us confidence. and makes others see us as such. 


This Red Knit Alexander McQueen dress… from Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Paired with suede YSL platform pumps and a Valentino Clutch from my closet.

laura-dunn-red power


   Want to feel the power? Wear red!