Imagine laying on a cushion that cradles your body like a womb. You are surrounded by gongs, bowls and bells. The “Sound Bath” master starts…. your body, mind and spirit are transported to a place you have never been before…. a heavenly place like no other. You start to fade away from reality and comfortably go into a sound trance…. almost a mediation that you are not controlling. The sounds that come from the bowls, gongs and bells are like a spiritual song…. calling your soul to a place that is so beautiful… so relaxing and so pleasant that you never want to leave. You have been transported to bliss…. and this is what a sound bath feels like…..Sound is not only heard by our ears…. but it is felt by every cell in our bodies. Illness is a manifestation of disharmony and imbalance of the cells and organs in our bodies. A healing Sound Bath can help aide in reorganization the disharmony… and help shift from us from illness to health. Our bodies feel so many different sensations during a session. Energy is released in emotions, heart rates lower, blood pressure drops and our breathing is restored to it’s natural and pure rhythm.


One sunny beautiful Sunday afternoon. my daughter Beau, our creative director, Niz and I had the pleasure of heading to Topanga Canyon, California to meet with “Sound Bath” master Guy Douglas. We all had the “Sound Bath” experience and all felt the incredible sound high that came with our bath. We all agreed that the “Sound Bath” was one experience we would like to repeat over and over again… as it was such a healing, calming and magnificently euphoric world to be transported to….



Thank you Guy Douglas…. for taking us to a place none of us has ever been to before…..

The Sound Bath is an amazing way to connect with your inner spirit.