Two weeks ago I was being treated for a rather large, painful and horrific looking sty in my eye. It was so bad that we were canceling our photo shoot for the entire week. It literally took over the right side of my face. I had two rounds of antibiotics prescribed by two different doctors… and the damn thing was not budging. When miracles of all miracles happened!! My beautiful assistant Maria…. saw me with a tea bag to my eye trying to bring the swelling down…. just to be able to leave the house. She suggested I use chamomile tea instead of the English Breakfast that I presently had pressed against my eye. She quickly got me a bag…. we brewed…. I pressed…. and VIOLA!! Within an hour the swelling went down so much that we were actually able to shoot that same day!! It was nothing short of miraculous!! Chamomile tea is such a beneficial and healing tea.


These are just a few of the many reasons to drink…. or press this fragrant and effective flower.