DISCLOSURE: So….. I had a TCA chemical peel done over a year ago….. Or I should say a TCA chemical peel gone awry… seriously AWRY. Before the peel…. the skin on my neck looked much younger than my years. Now… it actually looks older.
According to a well known dermatologist in Beverly Hills… the wrong strength was used on my neck and it actually did damage to my neck tissue. THE GOOD NEWS: It can be reversed. But it will take a painful laser two to three sessions…. and it will be ugly and raw until it heals. I am actually going to photograph and share this whole process with you in the next couple of weeks. 

gold-pack-2Until then…. THE GOOD NEWS: I just returned home from Australia…. where I found this amazing cream called Lanocreme Gold….an exquisite moisturizing complex made with green tea extract and…. Placenta extract, which is a source of 56 natural bio-stimulants. THE RESULTS: I could see an immediate difference on my neck. So profound were the results… other people could see the difference… and commented. My daughter Beau… and I slathered our faces and necks for the flight home…. and we both had moist and glowing skin the entire 14 hours. Here is the insane news… It only costs 15.00 Australian Dollars (equivalent to 15 American Dollars) …. Two thumbs up for this rich, amazing and beyond affordable creme.