I have written about popcorn several times on fabulous365…. just because it’s gotten such a bad rap.  Bad rap NO more! Studies have come out proving that this movie time snack….. is just about one of the healthiest foods we can put in our bodies! Popcorn… serving per serving, has more antioxidants than fruit! 


Pennsylvania Researchers… 
found that there were 300 mg of polyphenols (healthy antioxidants) in a serving of popcorn…. verses 160 in a serving of fruit. Polyphenols are extremely concentrated in popcorn due to the lower water content… 4% compared to 90% in fruits. WOW! Now that’s exciting!! The hulls (those nasties that get caught in out teeth) pack the highest amounts… and are a great source of fiber!



Here’s where it gets tricky…. Air pop is the best way to go. Microwave popcorn is actually dangerous…. due to the chemicals that coat the popcorn bags. The FDA has indicated that this substance called
perfluorooctanoic (PFOC) breaks down when heated in the microwave… and leaches into our popcorn and when consume it goes straight into our systems. This chemical has been linked to cancer in animals and humans…. and can be completely avoided by not eating microwave popcorn! The second issue with the microwave corn is the fake butter. So bad is it…. that there is even a disease called “Popcorn workers lung!” Are you kidding? Microwave factory workers can suffer from this debilitating respiratory disease caused from the extended inhalation of the chemicals fumes. And we are eating this stuff?
Cooktop popcorn is fattening when made with butter or oil… but at least it won’t kill you! My favorite? Grab a 19.00 air pop machine from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s quick, clean and so easy to use! Add a couple splashes of olive oil and and a sprinkle of sea salt… and VIOLA! One of the healthiest snacks we can put in our bodies!!


 The best part?…
That happy wagon! Popcorn is a complex carbohydrate that has been shown to increase tryptophan… the amino acid that helps raise our feel good neurotransmitter…. serotonin, by 42%!