laura-dunn-meow-4As the song goes….. whiskers on kittens…. these are a few of my favorite things!!! But it really should have been…. Ears on kittens…. or ears on anything for that matter! To know me…. is to know that….. anything shiny… and anything with ears is at the top of my hit list. So shiny ears? Eugenia Kim did just that with the fabulous kitten eared beanie. My obsession started at 2 years of age when I chose the black cat costume over the princess…. and I have been a black cat for every Halloween since that magical day! Hahahaha that’s a lot of “Cat Years!” 





laura-dunn-puff-earThe ears featured are not costumes and are considered real fashion pieces. Intended to bring any outfit to the next level…. and intended to show the world that you can have your fashion… and fun too!! Yay for ears!