get-attachment.aspxI have found a mini mission in life…. To take my husband’s products…. and find other uses for them! My husband Steven Dunn, founded “Munchkin” 23 years ago and has found a way to take a mundane baby product…. and make it into a higher functioning, better quality and all around cuter product. The Bath Tub Duck is one of my all time favorite products in his line. So I just had to find a way to use it… being that my baby is 17 years old and 6′ tall…. bathing him in the duck is not an option. 


P.S… I am so sorry that we did not bring you Spiritual Sunday today! My thought was that since tomorrow is the last day of Summer…. and there will be a million BBQs across the country…. The Duck Bath Tub needed a shout out for last minute planning! 
P.S.S…. For Mom’s that plan on using it for babies…. the Duck has a “White hot” button on the inside that will prevent the baby from ever being burned! Genius technology! Go Steve!! Go Munchkin!!