We were having dinner one evening in Australia…. when the nicest couple approached our table to find out… what the desert sitting in front of us was. I offered them a bite (they looked really nice… and clean… hahaha) and explained since it was dark chocolate (it was a plate of dark chocolate truffles) it was good for them. Little did I know… that I was addressing the World Famous Dr. Sali…. Head of: The Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia. This man knows his chocolate… and anything else to do with nutrition and health. After finding out who he was… I asked that they please join us for a few minutes so I could pick his brain…. and pick I did!
Dr. Sali knows Happy…. and he knows what to eat to be happy, healthy and what is necessary to keep our bodies functioning at full potential. In those few moments that I held Dr. Sali captive at our table…. I learned of a few foods… and things we can do, that are absolute musts to improve our mood. Read on My Beautiful Happy Campers…..
Dark Chocolate is nutritious… very! A 100 gram bar of Dark Chocolate contains… 11 grams of fiber, 67% RDA for Iron, 58% RDA of Magnesium, 89% RDA for Copper, 98% RDA for Manganese, while loaded with minerals. Loaded with Powerful Antioxidants, it may help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Dark Chocolate lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease… And tops our Happy List.
Dr. Sali recommends 20 minutes of sun EVERY single day…. on face, chest and arms. Since I have given up the sun trying to salvage my skin… I am opting for taking Vitamin D instead. Please have your doctor test your Vitamin D levels to see where you are at. Surprisingly (even those of us in sunny California) have low levels of Vitamin D. Proper levels of Vitamin D….ARE A MUST FOR MOOD IMPROVEMENT and health!!
30 minutes daily…. is what Dr. Sali recommends. Break it up into 15 or 10 minutes sessions… but just make sure you get some form of exercise daily to improve mood.
Mandatory on Dr. Sali’s list for health and happiness. Olive Oil considered a superfood and it is the cornerstone of health according to Dr. Sali. Olive oil is a healthy fat and it has advantageous effects on the body. Olive tress are extremely resilient an so it stands to reason that the active properties in olives will also be of benefit to our bodies…. as research has proven.
There you go my Most Beautiful Happy Peeps… 3 to ingest… 1 to do… for the road to happy!!
louise_gray_topshop_laura_dunnWe will be reporting back in on more of Dr. Sali’s advice on how to live a happier…. healthier and all around more fabulous life!