The Sunscreen

You know that thick, greasy feeling… after applying make-up to skin that has already has a base of sunscreen? I do… and I know it well. And it stops me on a daily basis from using sunscreen under my make-up. I feel dirty, greasy and thick (3 best words to describe). Well dirty-greasy no more! Dr Harold Lancer has taken the dirty, greasy and thick out…. and has left us with weightless, smooth and radiant skin. So smooth is the “Sheer Fluid” sunscreen……. that you can actually use it as a primer. Finally… I have found sunscreen that smooths, protects and even delivers anti-aging ingredients… all in one…. Thank you Dr. Lancer!



                                                                    The Book
I started reading “Younger” in Dr. Lancer’s office…. and couldn’t put it down. I actually (for the first time… ever) wanted to be left alone in a doctor’s treatment room! This man knows skin… and he knows it well. You can feel when reading this book….. his passion, love and obsession with skin, skincare and anti-aging. Dr. Lancer has devoted his entire adult life to helping people turn back the clock… and now shares his secrets and his years of knowledge… for the first time with us. For anyone on this planet that is seeking groundbreaking and sane information on….younger, radiant, ageless skin… this book is for you. 
Dr. Harold Lancer
444 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, Ca.

The “Sheer Fluid” sunscreen is available at Nordstrom and select Neiman Marcus across the country. Also available online at