Happiness is a warm puppy…. or is it a warm glass of saffron/almond/milk?? This ancient old recipe is said to bring happiness to our hearts, souls and psyche.… and allow us to speak only “in kind” to those around us. Ellen Whitehurst of “Experience Your Extraordinary Life,” wrote about this recipe a couple of months ago… and I went on to research this ages old drink. As it turns out…. this drink is that… and so much more. Saffron Milk can calm nerves, it’s a lovely sleep aide to drink before bed, it helps ease arthritis pain, helps soothe menstrual cramps, helps maintain heart health, it’s an aphrodisiac and helps boost our immune systems. 
So….. myself and the Fabulous365 team headed to the kitchen…. to see if indeed, we would be speaking only “in kind” to each other and if drinking Saffron Milk could truly make a difference in our afternoon…. 
Ready to get Kind? We were…. Let’s get started!
Put all ingredients into a pot and boil on the stove top until bubbling. Pour into cups or glasses… and drink!
laura_dunn_happiness_ingredients copy
Did we get kinder? I am not sure if it was placebo…. the joy of a group activity…. or the thought of something so simple could bring us so much joy? Whatever it was we all laughed until we cried and we truly had the “kindest” afternoon! 

                                                          ~Happiest Spiritual Sunday~