laura, dunn with juverest anti aging pillow fabulous365A month ago….. I wrote about the anti aging “Copper Pillow” and how the copper infuses into our skin to keep it young, firm and somewhat wrinkle free. Now we are on to the “Juverest Pillow.” So here’s the skinny…. My pillow arrives…. and it’s the strangest looking pillow I have ever seen. It has these head shaped indentations all over it…. It’s got a really cozy and soft blue cover…. and it’s really squishy. The goal…. To not smoosh our faces when sleeping…. thus causing more wrinkles than we (me) already have. 

laura dunn with juverest anti aging pillow

Juverest Pillow Laura Dunn Fabulous 365

The first night I tried it… I aborted the mission. I was to tired and it was too difficult to navigate. Night two… I find a comfortable position and sleep the night away. I wake a few times during the night trying to readjust and fall back to sleep. The science? YES…. one of the major causes of winkles is… sleeping on our faces. When I sleep hard…meaning dead asleep…. I can wake up with indentations from my pillow…. NOT GOOD. It can also cause puffy faces and eyes. From what I can tell so far… it’s been a couple of weeks…. the pillow does work when used properly. No indentations… and no puff on this face. Now this is a commitment for sure. A time commitment…. because you must get used to the pillow (it takes roughly two weeks to completely adjust) and a monetary commitment because it costs almost $200.00. My honest opinion… If you are up to the time and monetary commitment…. this pillow does work and it is for you! If you can make this commitment…. Then two thumbs up!!! I so look forward to hearing if you made the commitment to sleeping wrinkle free! 


And a moment of reflection…. 984215_957280880955103_4554941517625108832_nIn our thoughts and prayers…..