When I saw these fabulous Rag and Bone leather overalls…. the first question that popped into my mind…. am I too old to wear these? The answer is…. no. There are a new set of rules in town…. and hopefully they are here to stay. Dressing one’s age is no longer a set of rules…. it’s all about what looks good on you and what makes you feel good. It’s about shopping where you want to shop…. and not necessarily sticking with the stores that are targeted to your age group. Did I think it was a risk purchasing these rocker leather overalls? Yes I did. But rock & roll style has always been part of my  fashion repertoire. So once I had them on… and paired them with a pair of distressed glitter “Philippe Model” sneaks (which by the way, got me through Australia comfortably) and threw on my standard Chrome Hearts belt…. I knew I made the right choice.