Two weeks ago I had a scare…. a horrific and frightening scare….. right in the middle of my face scare. I was visiting with our favorite dermatologist…. Dr. Harold Lancer…. to interview him…. get information on his products… and his procedures. When he spies upon my face a tiny little freckle. I had it biopsy-ed a year ago by another doctor and was never told to move forward with treatment. As it turns out it was skin cancer. Dr. Lancer expertly removed it…. but it left a hole the size of a quarter right in the middle of my face. I applied a topical chemo like cream for a couple of nights… and now I am on the road to recovery. I am 100% certain that I could have avoided this by not being in the sun. I have been a worshiper my entire life… up until a year ago…. when I solemnly swore it off. But a lot of damage has been done and I am now paying the price.

Going forward I will protect…. but slathering sunscreen all over my body when I will be out in the sun is just not appealing to me. So this outfit is the perfect choice for long days in the sun. The fabrics have been chemically treated with UV absorbers which will prevent penetration of both UVB and UVA rays. The garments have been designed to cover as much skin as possible… so I will not be feeling sticky or slick when dressing. I have always avoided these garments like the plague… as they were not too cute. But I have to say…. this Alpine outfit is not too bad…. considering my body, arm (and most) of my legs are protected…. is making it even cuter (and the spiked Christian Louboutin’s helped too!)


You ask why am I telling you now… we are going into fall and winter? September is historically our hottest month in Los Angeles…. and we don’t want to be fooled into thinking since it’s fall and winter the sun can’t get us. It will… and I don’t want you ending up with a hole in your face also…..

laura-dunn-block-it-protect-5 laura-dunn-block-it-protect-6