With zillions of juice bars popping up all over Sourthern California and across the country…. the juice craze is officially here! I have visited many across this beautiful city…. and have found my all time favorite to be KREATION Organic Cold Pressed Juicery…. at 9465 Charleville Blvd, Beverly Hills. This is the original… and I swear it’s the best of them all. They use all organic and all their juices are cold pressed.



Kreation has 4 different  “Kleanses” including a “Heavy Metal” cleanse. They have a salad bar…serve snacks,smoothy bowls, healing shots that come in glass bottles, flavored waters…. the list goes on. Kreation is an at “least one time visit” to see if their juices resonate with you. I can guarantee that their decor will… with each location more beautiful than the next. They even have an exterior vending machine for those late night juice runs….



P.S… Keep your eyes peeled for the “Juice Truck” “Juice Van” and “Juice Bike!”