I believe in angels. I believe that they enter this world with us when we are born… and they stay with us until we leave this planet. They are here as Gods messengers to help serve us… and protect us. Call them Angels…. Spirit Guides… Fairies… God’s Helpers… call them what you like… but know that we are not alone…. and know that help is a thought or prayer away. Belief is…. that there are signs everywhere…. telling us that our angels are with us. So on those days when you feel like you need a friend… guidance… help in anyway… look for a sign… ask for help… and watch as a sign appears. I have listed below some of the more common “angel signs.”
FEATHERS…. One of the most powerful angel signals are feathers. Wisdom says that feathers of any color are a gentle reminder that your angels are near…. especially when found in a place where you normally would not find one. A white feather is the most powerful of all feathers and it’s showing unconditional love and support from your angel.
MUSIC…. have you ever been in a quandary and feeling like you need a sign to show you the way and all of a sudden your favorite song pops on the radio… or a song that means a lot to you… or even a song that has a message or a theme? Angels often send messages through music and lyrics. 
CLOUDS….. Heart clouds, angel clouds, shapes or symbols…. Angels can make us aware of themselves through heavenly clouds.
PETS…. Have you ever had a horrible day and your pet seems to know that you need extra love? This could be your angels coming through the animal. Have you ever noticed your pet gazing at the ceiling or at a wall almost like they are looking at someone… angel?
TEMPERATURE CHANGES…. When you are in the presence of angels there can be a change in temperature. You suddenly feel a breeze on a still day… or you feel a warmth surround you. Chills, tingles, pressure on your neck or back. It‘s almost always a pleasant feeling. As I am writing a cool breeze just blew into my room…. and it’s 87 degrees outside.
ORBS….. Have you ever taken a photo and there are orbs in it? You didn’t have the flash on and there is no explanation for it? Angels come through photos and videos as orbs. There are even times I have seen faces in the orbs on my photos.
FLASHES of LIGHT…. Angels are beings of light and love….. so seeing flashes of light, color, sparks or even bright twinkling stars are just common ways of experiencing angels.
Here are just a few….. of the many signs that our angels are with us. When Ana and I were shooting today’s photos she freaked out when she saw the first one…. I actually had wings of light. These were not planned or staged…. nor are the wings added in to the shots….. just my angels letting all of us know that they were there with us.